Partiers’ Partying Party Tales

I’ve been around for a while, and Angelico you have put your parties to a new level in last couple of years. Keep it going and growing!



Your parties have become the talk of the town! Angelico you are the man!



OH MY GOD! Your parties rock!



I have been to many parties around the world and I just wanted you to know that Fetish Affairs is the best party I have ever been to!



I am a true veteran of fetish parties, events, pretty much anything and everything fetish related. I actually have been doing this since the 60s. I told you at your party, and I want to tell you once again in writing that you have created a party with the best experience a man can possibly have. Angelico thank you so much!



Angelico I live for your parties!



Angelico where do you get all of these incredibly hot girls! I never saw anything like it! Holy cow it’s like dying going to heaven!



Don’t ever move from your location. At first I was much more used to the places used to hold the parties like bars and lounges. I wasn’t really quite sure about this private location stuff. I like how you educate the public about things, and that you are an attorney. I now understand why keep it in a private location. Thank you for keeping us all safe. I feel so much safer knowing I am protected by you and the privacy laws that apply to your party. Really thank you so much Angelico.



Angelico you and your lovely and friendly staff are so nice and accommodating. I read one of you newsletters where you said it’s like Cheers where everybody knows your name. I feel like I’m walking into that show Cheers, my favorite show by the way, every time I walk into your party. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. And all of your girls are so cool. I really appreciate all the work that you guys apparently due to make all of us feel so good.



The main thing to me is that you have such a wide variety of girls. There is every type of girl imaginable. I like that he can pick from so many different types of girls.



Other parties claim to offer privacy, you guys give us the most privacy possible, for free, I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am, and how much fun I have with the girls because of the privacy. I am so shy. I was reluctant in the beginning, but now I am one of your biggest fans Angelico. Thanks for being you. 🙂



I am so glad you took over this party and now manage it on your own. It has become so much better than when you were involved with other people. Even back then I knew that one day you would do something extraordinary. And you have Angelico. And thanks for being there when I needed you. You are a true friend. I hope you realize how many people you have touch. You are not given enough credit for the impact you have had on the industry. Hopefully everybody will know your name and know who you are and what you have done soon. I tell everybody about you and your parties.

The sock rocker


I came to your party with my girlfriend I have to say we had one of the best nights of our life. It’s so nice that swingers like us can come to a fetish party and engage so many beautiful girls in such an awesome private setting. Were deftly coming back.

Antonio and Elizabeth


Me and my wife had a great time. We really enjoyed sitting and speaking with you Angelico. You are a very cultured intelligent polite educated man. You are a rare breed. Your girls are more lovely than I could ever could have imagined. We are in an open relationship so I can say this, my wife has a crush on you, and I have a crush on that lovely blonde by your side. 😉

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


I hope you remember me. I approached you about my rather peculiar fetish, and you are so understanding. I really like how you parties are open to all fetishes. I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself. You really do open your party with open arms to everybody. And your girls are so cool and accepting to pretty much everything and everything. I’m simply blown away by your parties Angelico.

Rather keep my name out of it if you don’t mind, but I wrote this for you


I really dig how you have these mass trampling sessions were you give us trampling guys an opportunity to get trampled on by 10 or 15 girls! The most fun I’ve ever had! Thank you so much Angelico!



For any ticklers out there I want to tell you if you are into tickling before you die! Get to Angelico’s party! You can die happy after one of these parties! Fetish Affairs is the utopia for ticklers!

Tickle Dude


Do you screen your models? I’ve been to so many other parties where the girl’s feet were nasty. Every one of your girls as the most amazing sexiest feet in the world! My heart is still pumping thinking about those perfect feet at your party! I cannot wait until the next party to get more of those perfect feet in my mouth!



In terms of the party, I enjoy the variety of women that attend the party and the fact that more Black and Asian woman are attending these parties. You guys go out of your way to accommodate the needs of your customers and I greatly appreciate it. Also, NEVER GET RID OF ANASTASIA. She is an absolute joy to session with.
Marquise H


I have not been to your parties since used to have that other person with you. All I can say is whatever you are doing you need to do more of Angelico! This is not even close to the same party it was years ago! It is so much better! I’m done with all the other parties. Why go to the rest we can go to the best right?



Being a BDSM aficionado, I have to say that I thought your party really was just a foot fetish party. Boy was I wrong. I’ve been to every possible dungeon S&M place in the world, and nothing, and I mean nothing on the face of the earth is like your party Angelico. Anybody into BDSM needs to run to your party Angelico!

The Master


Spank spank spank! My dreams became true! I spanked the ass of some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen in my life! Angelico you are bad ass!



I am a submissive and I have to say you have the best Doms I’ve ever met anywhere. Tell me your secret Angelico!


It’s wonderful how you let dominate people like me come to your party and tied the girls up and role-play with them. So many of my dreams came true at your party. Thank you Angelico!



I almost gave up on the parties in New York City. The people who run parties new city or so and confident or and friendly. Somebody told me about you and your parties, I tried it, and all I can say is you are totally different than the other people who run parties in the city. You are a true gentleman, and thank you for taking care of me when I needed help. I am very obliged for you Angelico.



My game is age play games and I have to say your girls are so cool and down with age play that I promise I will be at every one of your parties you ever give if at all possible.

The big baby


I really gained a lot of respect for you when your breakup happened Angelico. I have to admit I was one of those people who tried to pry a lot of information out of you, but you never spoke one bad word about anybody. I respect you as a man. As far as your party, nobody does it better!



I was so ashamed about my pony play fetish until I got to your party Angelico. I don’t know how you do it but you make everybody feel so comfortable. You’re an amazing guy. And your parties are amazing. Thank you for everything.

The HorseMan


I traveled all the way from London just to come to your party because a friend of mine said it was the best thing he ever did. On my friend’s word alone I got on the plane came to your party and flew back to London next day. I can’t believe I’m saying this: I’m coming back again! Everybody around the world needs to know about your party!



You are cool Angelico, your place is cool, your girls all cool, your party is the coolest of all, just thank you thank you thank you!



I had freaking breathtaking tickle fights with some of your more aggressive wrestle girls! Best time of my life! I’m addicted to your parties! I need an intervention! You are the man Angelico!


I come from a state far away from your party. But it’s worth it every time! I’m bringing champagne next time! You give so much away for free also! Thank you Angelico!


I love your VIP room. It’s so cool that you offer so many other private rooms for free. But you know what on their that VIP room is mine! And keep bringing that girl Destiny back! Your girls are so beautiful all of them! How do you do it? Angelico you are a God amongst men!

The Dormat


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