Fall is upon us, concomitantly fall in love with 75 Autumn Leaves, Wednesday, September 13, 7 PM until 12:30 AM

Don’t you love the fall? The crisp fall air, the colorful leaves, toasty sweaters, warming adult beverages, the parks and mountains in all their glory, apples, pumpkins, you can just here feel and see it now, aaah, that’s all wonderful, but, what is more won-the-full are 75 pique-dazzling young girls (or MILFS) that you can play with at the next FetishAffairs, Wednesday, September 13, 7 PM until 12:30 AM

RSVP before a herd of cows stampedes your way and leaves behind a lot of “surprises,” to FetishAffairs@Gmail.com with first name and initial of last name

We celebrate and say hello to the fall arriving: ‘Well hello there fall’, we say goodbye to the summer: ‘Bye-bye Beach Boys,’ as we foray with 75 beautiful “Autumn Leaves” in THE party called Fetish Affairs, where we all dare to bare and let our stress and comfort zone fall, as we turn bright orange colors when we hear a luscious lass say: ‘Do you want to PLAY with me? Hmmm?” (Heart goes: BADABOOM BABOOM). {(WICKED-SMILE)}

Whatever fetish we have, 75 totally hot girls are ready to comply till we are refried (there ain’t no better way or better place to indulge your fetish; did I mention with 75 out-of-control beautiful girls?); if we don’t have a fetish the 75 hotties will defy gravity till we cry in levity, {as we leave the bang-your-head-with-a-hammer bitch-gathering bar scene}; if we swing we swing the bat away with the best and most girls of any party or gathering of any similar type, (as we move away from corpse-gatherings because it ain’t fun playing with dead bodies: cut that shit out! {(ESPECIALLY-CRAZY-GRIN!)}).

Fetish Affairs is the largest highest attended fetish party in the known world, by far, (in history actually/factually), offering more girls more hot girls and hotter girls than any party of any type related on earth, now minimally 75 of the prettiest girls you’ve ever seen in one location, everybody experiences the time of their life every time, and we all haven’t even yet really started yet!

We have a VIP room. It has a bed in it. And pillows. And sheets. And a comforter. And reasonably priced. Pre-Book the high-in-demand VIP room to have a truly special experience with your choice of 75 babes. You may also pre-book your choice of certified babes when the model list is put in newsletters close to the party and have quintuple the time of your life.

If you refer a friend(s) to Fetish Affairs you get $50 for each friend, a waiver of the (very low) door fee of $50, which means you get in free for each friend you refer! (Your friend must have not attended or had contact with us previously, and you must have had attended previously).

Refer any pretty girls to work Fetish Affairs and earn $25 which is half off the door donation fee of $50!

*BYOB: Like to liquor up? BRING IT! (We do not sell or sell back any alcohol).

The fall season said I bring my magic so losing summer is not so tragic, then said: It’s from Angelico & the angelic Angels who give me a hand, and the 75 angelic Angels who give you a hand, and a foot or 2, and other handy/dandy portions of FLESH! They BRING IT! 😉

Fetish Affairs

ALL Fetishes Welcome! Swingers welcome as well! No fetish is Scooby Doo too! BRING IT! 😉

Email: FetishAffairs@Gmail.com

Fetish Affairs: Screw Fantasies and Dreams: Make Them Real! BRING IT!

Fetish Affairs: A bi-monthly party wherein absolute zenith fun is reached with MINIMALLY 75 SIZZLED AND CHISELED PLEASING AND PLEASURABLE GIRLS; 75 bedazzling girls who are so relaxing to hang out with you have a KINKY GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE; in a comfy high-scale private locale offering max legal security/protection and roomy comfy privacy to play-fully p-p-p-play in heart of Manhattan for terrific transportation convenience; all fetishes welcome, (swingers and folks with no fetishes Scooby Doo too!

* We always invite your favorite  girls. We specialize also in bringing new hot hip chicks for your pleasure as well!


*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: You must read this in its entirety before attending any of our events/parties/affairs, or engaging us in any way whatsoever or looking viewing listening or otherwise anything associated to us in anyway whatsoever; failure to so and the legal consequences therefrom are yours solely.
-This is a fully legal private event on legal private grounds attendance by invitation only.
-We do not allow anyone into our private event on private grounds, whether model(s) and/or client(s) who is/are affiliated or associated in any way with any law enforcement of any type whatsoever without a valid/legal warrant.
-We absolutely disallow anyone/anything associated in any way any media, whether TV, radio, Internet, cable, magazine, newspaper, satellite, or any other public or otherwise media of any type/kind whatsoever in existence now or for perpetuity.
-No cameras or recorders, hidden or otherwise, of any type, or capture of photographic, video, or other recording, broadcast, transmission, or other, or anything conceivable related thereto whatsoever, none of such allowed in our private event on private grounds.
-All attendees must be of legal age (21 or over) with legal ID. (All female models are/must be of legal age {21 or over} with legal ID’s checked).
-Must be 21 or over to drink: attendees and/or models. We do not sell back or handle alcohol in any way, ever. -Must be 21 to read or view or anything associated with us whatsoever and/or engage us in anyway.
-NO: Sex of any type; nudity; genital contact, (self or other); private area touching, (self or other); prostitution; lap dances, or anything illegal of any nature permitted whatsoever.
-Any touching of any model or anyone else in way, (must be solely legal non-genital/private area touching in the first place), must be full consensual and vice versa.
-Do not attempt to get any private contact information from any models: (for ex: no “hitting” on the models).
-Treat all models with respect at all times.
-No illegal drugs.
-No weapons.
-No violence.
-No stealing.
-As a private event, attendance by invitation solely, we reserve full discretion/right to deny entrance to anyone at any time, or, to ask anyone, client(s), model(s), or otherwise, at any time to leave immediately; failure to do so constitutes trespassing and shall result in full penalties under applicable criminal and/or civil law.
-No refunds ever for ANYTHING under any circumstances.
All written, and/or oral statements, photographic, video, audio, or other such materials related thereto in anyway whatsoever, on this webpage, or related to this event/party/productions in any form whatsoever, or associated/related in any way thereto, are copyrighted, and accordingly have full legal copyright protection. Reproduction in any form of anything whatever from this/these webpage(s), newsletter(s), or anything else related thereto, is strictly disallowed, and wholly illegal. Any copyright infringement SHALL result in civil AND criminal legal action against Y-O-U!
*Forewarned: This party is managed by an attorney: do not even THINK of doing anything illegal or approaching us in any way illegally or otherwise.