Great reason to celebrate & party: 65 hot girls to hang & play with, Wednesday, May 10, 7 PM until 12:30 AM

Fetish Affairs says let`s keep it kinky and spicy! We like it that way! 65 hot smoking hot friendly girls to hang & play with, Wednesday, May 10, 7 PM until 12:30 AM.

You need to RSVP right now, it feels landing that 1200 pound tuna kahoona in the Florida Keys, then cracking open a cold one, (ideally with a pleased cutie on your arm), to

I am happy, and yes even proud, to continue to announce that we keep breaking attendance records spanning a decade, and taking a decade of very hard work to transform a party into a freaking phenomenon. FetishAffairs and at 65 hot and friendly girls, for many good reasons, is now bringing in consistently more than 150 attendees per party,(that does not include the 65 beautiful play-with-girls). Most of this profound growth occurs by word of mouth. And we are truthfully good people, (if anyone who ever said or says otherwise they were/are lying; if you have met us, you know this is all truth), and my faith and belief that good things happen to good people has been reaffirmed. And sincerely to all of you: thank you.

The more than 150 attendees also collectively had the time of their life. Wait, didn’t they have the time of their life last party before this one? Yes. Because we do not rest, and we do not rest on our laurels, we always step it up another notch every two weeks and make the following party even better. If you are at the last party, and the ones before that, you know these are words of pure truth. If you have not yet jumped in, time to take the dive, the water is mighty fine, and the time of your life, and even a better time of your life following that one, await(s).

Of Great Weight: Fetish Affairs is a unique mélange of MULTI-FETISH, NO-FETISH, and SWINGERS Affair. (Even females who like to play with 65 hot/cool girls come to frolic). This is a distinctive combination that generates and burgeons a dreamlike world of absolute bliss for all concerned…


  1. All folks with all fetishes are welcome to come and hang and play with our 65 hot/cool girls.
  2. Swingers are encouraged to swing on down and have the best swing-time ever with our 65 hot/cool girls. (Fetish Affairs is quickly becoming “the place” for swingers to be, as no other swingers party has 65 luscious pleasant girls to socialize with, and play with in wondrous comfortable private Play-Stations).
  3. People with no fetishes are learning fast that there is no place on the planet better to be in our parties chilling and hanging and having incredible intimate sessions with our 65 hot/girls.

*Summary: No one and nothing on earth, (and screw the other-world aliens), offers as many hot girls, not just hot but cherry-picked to make sure they’re all so cool to the bone marrow ensuring one has a “girlfriend experience,” all the time, every time. Those of you who come to the parties you know these are words of fact; those who have not yet attended one of our affairs come and uncover and unearth the heavenly truth.

The VIP room now literally has a frigging BED in it! You may pre-reserve the VIP room to ensure you get the awe-inspiring occasion to go to bed and lay/PLAY with your choice-MEAT/FLESH of 65 of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen in one location! You may also pre-reserve any of 65 tectonic-plate-models of your choosing.

*WANT TO GET IN FREE!? Simple! Simply refer any man who’s had no previous contact with us. Done deal! (Females not included; chickeepoos get in half price already: abbstanza!).

*KNOW HOT GIRLS WHO WANT TO WORK FOR US? Fetish Affairs is now offering another beautiful thing: if you know any hot chicks who want to work our party, refer and get half off (if hired) which is $25 off the already low door donation of $50 for each babe we actually hire.

BYOB: Like to liquor up? BRING IT! (We do not sell back any alcohol)

RSVP straightaway: It feels like you an elephant giving you a kiss with its long snout right on your lips, with first name initial last name to the sealed private event on private grounds to

Leonardo da Vinci had one more concept: It’s from Angelico & the angelic Angels who give me a hand, and the 65 angelic Angels who give you a hand, and a foot or 2, and other handy/dandy portions of FLESH! They BRING IT! 😉

Fetish Affairs:

ALL Fetishes Welcome! Swingers welcome as well! No fetish is Scooby Doo too! BRING IT! 😉

We iz de pleasant party folk! 🙂

Fetish Affairs: Screw Fantasies and Dreams: Make Them Real! BRING IT, to reality!


Fetish Affairs: A bi-monthly party wherein absolute zenith fun is reached with MINIMALLY 65 SIZZLED AND CHISELED PLEASING AND PLEASURABLE GIRLS; 65 bedazzling girls who are so relaxing to hang out with you have a KINKY GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE; in a comfy high-scale private locale offering max legal security/protection and roomy comfy privacy to play-fully p-p-p-play in heart of Manhattan for terrific transportation convenience; all fetishes welcome, (swingers and folks with no fetishes Scooby Doo too!); pleasant/accommodating hosts; you will have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE, every-time! {(BAD-ASS-SMILE)}

* only you, who are on our mailing list will see MOST our hot but oh so cool models, who actually work at our actual parties. We are bringing in more hot girls than ever to the party. Many of the new babes are real commercial models. Some party cuties are also fetish internet models. Naturally we shall still have many next-door-type girls at each party. We are also adding sexy MILF’s and BBW’s to satisfy all needs.
* We always invite your favorite  girls. We specialize also in bringing new hot hip chicks for your pleasure as well!

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: You must read this in its entirety before attending any of our events/parties/affairs, or engaging us in any way whatsoever or looking viewing listening or otherwise anything associated to us in anyway whatsoever; failure to so and the legal consequences therefrom are yours solely.
-This is a fully legal private event on legal private grounds attendance by invitation only.
-We do not allow anyone into our private event on private grounds, whether model(s) and/or client(s) who is/are affiliated or associated in any way with any law enforcement of any type whatsoever without a valid/legal warrant.
-We absolutely disallow anyone/anything associated in any way any media, whether TV, radio, Internet, cable, magazine, newspaper, satellite, or any other public or otherwise media of any type/kind whatsoever in existence now or for perpetuity.
-No cameras or recorders, hidden or otherwise, of any type, or capture of photographic, video, or other recording, broadcast, transmission, or other, or anything conceivable related thereto whatsoever, none of such allowed in our private event on private grounds.
-All attendees must be of legal age (21 or over) with legal ID. (All female models are/must be of legal age {21 or over} with legal ID’s checked).
-Must be 21 or over to drink: attendees and/or models. We do not sell back or handle alcohol in any way, ever. -Must be 21 to read or view or anything associated with us whatsoever and/or engage us in anyway.
-NO: Sex of any type; nudity; genital contact, (self or other); private area touching, (self or other); prostitution; lap dances, or anything illegal of any nature permitted whatsoever.
-Any touching of any model or anyone else in way, (must be solely legal non-genital/private area touching in the first place), must be full consensual and vice versa.
-Do not attempt to get any private contact information from any models: (for ex: no “hitting” on the models).
-Treat all models with respect at all times.
-No illegal drugs.
-No weapons.
-No violence.
-No stealing.
-As a private event, attendance by invitation solely, we reserve full discretion/right to deny entrance to anyone at any time, or, to ask anyone, client(s), model(s), or otherwise, at any time to leave immediately; failure to do so constitutes trespassing and shall result in full penalties under applicable criminal and/or civil law.
-No refunds ever for ANYTHING under any circumstances.
All written, and/or oral statements, photographic, video, audio, or other such materials related thereto in anyway whatsoever, on this webpage, or related to this event/party/productions in any form whatsoever, or associated/related in any way thereto, are copyrighted, and accordingly have full legal copyright protection. Reproduction in any form of anything whatever from this/these webpage(s), newsletter(s), or anything else related thereto, is strictly disallowed, and wholly illegal. Any copyright infringement SHALL result in civil AND criminal legal action against Y-O-U!
*Forewarned: This party is managed by an attorney: do not even THINK of doing anything illegal or approaching us in any way illegally or otherwise.